Wednesday, December 31, 2008

this blog is so dead!
so i'm here to revive it!(:
today is the last day of two thousand and eight.
and the 5 of us, together with ching and lihua gona count down together!(:
cant wait for the exchanging presents.
shall upload photos when i we take together later :D

till then.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I made him do that !

Lisa Lihua Jason and Jia ying

The Sec 4s with Mr Chew .Mr chew dont want to do the victory sign with me lah ! Nvm Mr chew did that with me in all the band photo and he even did the seven under the chin with me ! yay !

The sec 4s again.

And again.
Miss Yvonne Lek ! ^^
Mr Samuel Ang !
Mr Ian Tan !
Miss Lee and Miss Ng !
US ! without Mr Ang cause he was the photographer.
TSK TSK ! Later fly go in arh !
STU STU ! Ah lian ?! Sit until like that !

And ! yi ching is coming back on the 21st of june if all of us can make it lets go out on the 22nd and 23rd its a friday and saturday ! We can go her house BBQ or go out . But i perfer the BBQ so we dont have to think where to go . :D
Go on the 14 of july to celebrate 1307 . The 13 is a friday and all of us have school if you all want we can go out on the 14 and watch Hairy potter :D.

Monday, April 09, 2007

dis blog is reallie very dead!
let mi kip it alive once again bah!(:
syf is around the corners.
its abt 3 more days?
do u all hav confidence??
we shall bring honour back to the school n to all ZWINDS members, n of cuz to all our alumni.
Naima n naipa,
do wait for our great news!
ZWINDS is <3(:
i'm getting more n more excited abt it!

till den,

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The last update was by Li Yan more than 2 months ago, which included my 18th birthday.
I'm so touched.

Sometimes, I don't know whether this 'family' exists anymore.
My MSN contact list still contains a separate group '1307' with your contacts there.
I don't feel like changing it or ever intend to.

I hope you guys still carry on, although we're not that innocent anymore.

There're Sec3s and 4s now.
And Jacko in J2 and myself as a University freshman.

The Good Times have passed by too quickly.

I promise you guys we'd meet up again during my winter break when I'm back.

I tentatively changed the layout to one of the basic themes.
It loos cleaner and neater in any case.
Please leave a comment.

Yi Ching
(still lovingly called Naima)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

ytd's cca orientation.
performance n the mini band performed quite ok.
reallie had a great tym at our booth dere.
ah gong hit her drum sticks on her drum/cymbals
n followed by us shouting JOIN BAND!
we were lyk so high tt tym.
although the recruitments didn't reach our target,
we will still b URGING sec 1s to join us.
so we will b going around classes to ask dem join band on mon again.

aft the cca orientation.
lihua n i ran over to opposite to buy a cake for nai ma, YICHING!
we knew tt its nt her bdae ytd,
bt it was a earliated-bdae celebrations rite?
hope u lyk it, n will b touched k?

ok. i've finally updated!
dun make dis blog too dead k?
till den

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Friday, November 03, 2006

I think it'd be better to blog in larger font because despite typing so much, it still appears so pathetic in the entry portion.

I just came upon this family 1601 thing. Quite adorable? Heh.

Anyway it's nearly 6am back in Singapore so I doubt anyone would see this until tonight or something, or did anyone even read the entry before this anyway?

It's the day of my school ball. Trinity Hollywood Ball, to be specific. It should be fun I guess. Hopefully I can upload pictures from the event for you all to see. Yes Naima is hot okay. I mean, cool. Haha I think only Lihua would understand what I mean. Hor? =P

Alrighties, I heard about a family outing to Sentosa or something? I guess I might have to describe my Decemeber plans, especially with my family because honestly, I don't know when my parents would spring a surprise overseas trip to don't-know-where-but-somewhere. Nevertheless, I'm sure you're aware when I'm returning already. (:

Cheers people.
Love you.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Hey guys it has been two weeks since anyone updated and I wonder what's going on.

Hope everyone did well in their studies!
Hope all Sec2s will manage to get into their desired courses next year.
Hope all Sec3s promoted to Sec4 and study hard for their N and O levels.
I'm sure Jacko did well in her promos and have no problem in promoting to J2 but wish her all the best in band as well!

Rock on guys.

I am in the midst of Term 4 and buried in work but still breathing over the surface. I have to pia and do well for this term or I won't be able to enter the course I want in Uni next year. So ya, all the best to me too. Haha.

I miss band.
I listen to band music frequently but it's just not the same as being in the band and playing the instrument. It's the not same if I don't have others to share the passion with either. It's hard, because there are hardly any band people around here, let along joining one.

Man I intended to type a long post but now, I don't seem to have anything to talk about.

Oh, everyone!
Work hard for SYF 2007!
I'll be back soon to see everyone working their asses off. Haha.
So all the best.

I'm running out of vocabulary. I need to replenish man.

On another note, Daylight Savings is going to start on Sunday! Which means the time difference will be 3 hours instead of 2! NOOOOOOOO!!!

Till then.
Love you all.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I miss you guys . can we have a gathering during the holidays?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hi people of 1307.

I've some very interesting news! Nai-chan knows already though.

The 5th Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, is going to be released worldwide on...

13th JULY 2007.

How coincidental is that?!

And I'll be back in Singapore during that time because university mid-term break is one month! Hopefully Jacko can make time for this.
I've got something to look forward to now, although it's nearly 9 months away.

And Happy Children's Day.
Although we don't celebrate it officially any longer, we're all still young at heart.

Jacko: Good luck for the rest of promos!
Still suffering in ZHSS: Good luck for the rest of the main papers!

See you soon.
Nai Ma.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dont start to blame each other for what happen today . If you all want your own band room work for it! DO NOT expect the leaders to go and talk to the P and VP about it.And i do not see why you all should get a band room when you are not working for it. If you put in your heart and soul to play this will never happen.NEVER! You guys here are all in the band comm and i believe you should show good examples and encouraging you juniors and push them to work , you can even build the passion in them IF your really put in effort to teach them. Simple things like getting your juniors to sit 1/3 of the chair and the correct posture will help in the playing .

WE should show good examples like tucking in your shirt at ALL TIMES be it zwinds tee,school uniform or pe tee . So cherish your practice on friday , and i DO NOT want to see anyone of you here walking to other section and form and mini band .If im your juniors i will have a very bad impression of you , i would think that its because im hard to teach thats why my senior walk off and from a mini band.Its not hard to teach if you really put in your EFFORT and most imptly patience. Try other methods if the one you are using now are not working, there must be a way .

NEVER give up and keep trying.Bring your inst home during starting from tomorrow . DO NOT think that 10 mins will not help you at all. It helps when you put in your EFFORT.WE should not think highly of ourselves, we do not sound good.Listen to his advice and you will be able to reach the standard , he knows what is he doing. Dont argue even if they sound dont sounds right to you , because he knows what he is doing.At this point of time , WE should not break apart instead we should be help each other and together overcome this.Start by helping each other out and giving words of encouragment to your members and your peers.Dont think it wont help , IT WILL.Lets jia you !

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

1307 1307
compromises most of the better players in band

Samuel, Yi Ching, Rachal - better cornet players
Yvonne - best 3rd cornet player...
Liyan - onli horn sec 2
Kai Siang, Jacko - Pro Euphonium-ists
Li Hua - Percussion principal player
Nini, Vanessa - pro flautist altho dunno hw to take care of ALTUS HOR!!!......=.=

anws 1307 all consist of dam good band players
y cant we use 1307 to influence other ppl into playing just as well too??
wun tt be GREAT???
we can actually form a band u noe...?
juz nid a sax, tromb n clar
then it wld be a full band le
tts nt the point
juz make sure we keep up our standard as the best players in the band ok??
at the same time INFLUENCE UR PEERS to do the same too!!!

ok short post BTW tis is xiao 5 lolx

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Does things have to such situations then we realise that we all are in the wrong? I really hope not.

sometimes i realise what is this 1307 family is for? this crazy bunch of ppl come togther and become a family because of one word passion. now i see that this family is broken does it means that there is no more passion for music in us thats why this family ended up like this?i hope not.i believe that when this 12 crazy people come together because of their passion for music. passion is stm that all of us need when we are doing every single thing. it even applys to your school work as well.if you dont have the passion for it you will just simply go to school early in the morning and copy the answers from your friends.if you really have the passion for it , you will sit down and really try to understand the question and how to solve it .

its the same for music also . when you get a new score/ song and if you are those who dont have the passion for music you wont even bother whats the tittle of the song and wont even bother to study it.but if you got passion for it and when you recieve a new song/score , you will be very excitied and start to read through the score and try to get the fingerings right. and maybe to the extend of getting your conductors to start playing the song as soon as possible and will just keep bugging him till he plays that song.

yes, maybe some of us wont like him because he is strict. but if you happen to think about it and why he is strict to us you will start to like him and understand him.its for our own good.have you ever think how much he did for us since last year ? i remembered that he did not wear his coat because of us , we could not rush out the coat in time.and rmb that he prayed for us inside the tuning room.and when he see his students so nervous up on the stage , he just simply give a smile. and a smile really means alot when you are up on the stage . alot i can tell you.

All the ' breaks ' we have for band practices is sort of a counselling session . he is trying to instill the correct vaules in us. but we just simply shut off our computers and stare at him and hope that he thinks that we are listening to him.he knows whats going to happen if we do certian things that are wrong and we dont even realise and he will tell us but have we ever listen to him?

some of us here in this family are in band since the age of 7 or 8 .but think about it , so many years in band do you know what does band really means and whats the most important factor ? it is passion .passion , heart , soul , responsibility and self-discipline is what you need. only 5 factor .if we really put in effort things wont be in such situation.i feel bad too because i cannot keep the tempo . im sorry guys. lets work hard this thursday ! lets go for it ! Rmb - one band one sound one missing no sound.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

How come no one update?!
Band Investiture cum Dinner Photos
If you guys got any pls upload here! =P
Xinni - Mum : OMG ! I cant see !
Lihua - Ah Gong : OMG ! I cant hear !
Elaine - Lao Da : OMG ! I cant speak !

1307 - Without Rachel - Papa cause cannot be found - missing !

Without yi ching - Nai ma cause she is studying somewhere in the world . haha ! study hard ! =P

Lihua and Jacko !

Siang siang and Potato- Xinni . Potato i think i scared you till you roll off the table le ! haha !

The crazy bunch of ppl - 1307 ! =) Jacko i like your face !hahah !

-updated with love-

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


at least its updated - Oh ya cheer for sam and yvonne cause they going to talk abt fortitude for reflection tml =)